VIP+ Rank

100.00 USD


Introducing the esteemed VIP+ Rank, which stands as our most prestigious accomplishment. This exceptional rank transcends the boundaries of a single server and encompasses all forthcoming servers we envision. Moreover, this tier encompasses an array of exclusive advantages and aesthetic enhancements that surpass those offered by the VIP rank.

Your support helps us create more content and keep the server running smoothly. We sincerely appreciate all players and value those who choose to purchase our ranks and cosmetics.

This Rank is a one time purchase and will last continuously throughout all server resets.

 Also this rank will be given on all servers we plan to release.


  • VIP+ on every server
  • Discord rank
  • In-game Prefix
  • Notification settings
  • Sidebar customization 
  • Bossbar Customization
  • 50x mining reward slots
  • Permanent fly
  • 10x  player vaults (50 slots per vault)
  • Vault display customization
  • 3x Each crate key
  • 1x Better pickaxe 
  • /repair <Command>
  • /feed <Command>

This rank is non-refundable!